We work to build stronger families and communities through providing tangible resources to black men and black fathers.

Each year will be providing free mental health services for black men in under-served communities through our network of therapists. Through Dear Fathers, our STR8 Mental platform has been able to connect over 700 black men to mental health specialists since May 2020.

Through our Shop Clinic initiative, we provide a variety of wellness resources for black men and fathers that include but are not limited to: Blood Pressure check-ups, HIV tests, STI tests, Organic foods, free diapers, and more. This initiative is done at barbershops in under-served communities throughout our targeted audiences.

We provide new fathers with a variety of resources to navigate the nuances of early fatherhood. These resources include: support groups, virtual think tanks, webinars, books, and more.

With two of our Founders growing up without dads in the home, we make a point to support Single Parent homes in which kids are growing up without fathers. Through this initiative, we provide monthly grocery stipend’s for mothers raising children in under-served communities.

One of the most essential items for any new family are diapers for the baby. 1 in 3 families routinely find themselves without enough diapers to keep their child clean and dry. The inability to regularly change an infant’s diaper leads to rashes, discomfort, and pharmacy bills. Many families across the country are making tough choices between diapers, food or medicine. Being forced to leave little ones for far too long in dirty diapers, and even having to reuse soiled diapers because they couldn’t afford to buy more. We are raising 10,000 diapers to aid the STL Diaper Bank to continue to assist families in need. Every $1 donated will purchase 8 diapers! So no donation is too small! Thank you in advance!


Research shows that children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, and exhibit positive social behaviors compared to children with uninvolved fathers. Fearless Fathers works diligently to equip black men with the resources needed to be better fathers in the lives of their children through a variety of programs, activities, events, mental health assistance, media campaigns, and more.